Why We Did This

Early in 2020 Yonas Beshwared (stackshare.io) and James Norman (pilot.ly) were talking about their journeys as Black founders and the topic of "who else is out here" came up. Hours later, they found themselves in a google sheet, scouring crunchbase with their friend Sefanit Tades to see if they could find every venture backed Black founder ever.

This platform is meant to be a source of truth with regards to the state of funding for Black founders. While the list initially focused on US founders, starting in 2022 we're expanding globally. Our initial data set came through self reported information on our google sheet and Crunchbase's API. Moving forward we will continue to work with Crunchbase and other partners while also collecting data directly from Black founders and investors.

We hope this will be an inspiration to a generation and serve as a running historical record of Black founders, both past and present.

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